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Welcome to I.C.'.M.A. or the International College of Magickal Arts, it is our Mission to bring about a new generation of Magickians, Witches, Occultists, & Spiritual Scientists, a generation trained and educated in the Magickal Arts, on a World-Class Level.

The International College of Magickal Arts was founded in hopes that tomorrow's Occultist, Magickians, & Spiritual Scientists would have a proper learning environment to study the Magickal Arts of the World, and to unite those who practice the Art in all its forms without prejudice or one way ideologies.


Order by Science and Spiritual Evolution



All of our information and services are free of charge to anyone Willing to learn, because we do not charge membership dues, nor entry fees, we cannot maintain local Chapters for Physical Training at this point, and must ask our members to please donate to the website if they would like to Patron our work, or have the financial ability to do so. These donations will contribute towards a better website, with no adds, more room for members, and data to possibly start doing podcast, or webcam seminars, at the very least, posting a .pdf library for members only, or informative Youtube videos. For directive on where to begin your studies and how the College works please click on the link titled "Orientation" in the Nav Bar above. 

Thank you all for your time, consideration, patience, and contributions to this cause, & to the completion of this project, please check back with us weekly for updates, & possible events,and we hope to have the rest of our material posted very soon. 


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